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The Equity Project, a 501(c)(3) committed to advancing racial equity through radical access, announces the opening of its new space in Kensington, a racially and economically segregated neighborhood, whose youth are experiencing some of the most profound challenges in Philadelphia. In addition to historic divestment, intergenerational poverty, and legacies of systemic racism, Kensington is at the epicenter of the opioid epidemic and has recently experienced an exponential rise in gun violence, exposing our Black and Bown youth to unprecedented levels of violence, human suffering, and trauma.

Located in the heart of Kensignton, The Equity Project offers powerful interventions that support healing from trauma and building resilience in a safe space where youth of color can gather freely, access trusted adults, explore their creativity, receive academic support, utilize trauma-informed resources and services, and harness their energy for self and community care.

Designed using biophilic and trauma-informed architectural principles, our space features soaring ceilings, tall windows, natural sunlight, natural greenery and hardwood floors, non-fluorescent lighting, soothing smells, calming colors, and comforting sounds. It is replete with sensory-friendly tools and toys including a therapeutic swing, floating bean bag chairs and hand-held manipulatives that help youth calm and self-soothe, receive proprioceptive input, and alleviate stress. Youth also have access to state-of-the-art visual and digital media technology, which includes photography/video cameras and software, electronic pianos, mixing boards, drum pads, microphones and recording equipment, as well as a variety of art supplies. In addition, youth are provided with MacBooks, iPads, a charging station, and free WIFI and printers for homework to address the digital divide in Kensington. Finally, we offer a large, newly renovated kitchen where youth, staff and volunteers gather to cook, eat, and connect.

The Equity Project is committed to advancing racial equity. We believe every community has the right to services that transform, spaces that inspire, and access to the resources needed to reach our full human potential. Thoughtfully and purposefully located in the heart of Kensington, we are a comprehensive community-based organization that offers trauma-informed youth engagement programming which utilizes best practices to build the power of Kensington's Youth of Color to heal from trauma, build the resiliency needed to reach their goals, and harness their creativity for change.

Grantee type

Grants Awarded to The Equity Project

$75,000 - Awarded August 2021

Focus areas
Digital Literacy
Representation in Media

Through the 2021 Digital Equity grant, the Equity Project will provide Kensington's majority Black and brown community with access to state of art technology and broadband internet, the skill-building and knowledge needed to navigate digital content and technology, and the media grassroots organizing tools to empower community members, youth and old, to be leaders and advocates for their families and community.

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