Melanie Silva

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Melanie Silva is a Latinx woman and mother, born in São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Philadelphia when she was six years old. After her college graduation, Melanie relocated to Mexico City for 12 years before returning to Philadelphia.

Melanie started her career as an editor at MTV Latin America. Throughout the years she edited various reality shows, including "Making the Video", “MTV Unplugged", and nomination packages for MTV award shows. In addition, she produced and edited content for brands such as Coca-Cola, Corona, Bacardi, and Sony Music to name a few. She has freelanced with production companies, animation studios, agencies, nonprofits and record labels on projects ranging from T.V. spots to short web series and short documentaries.

Melanie is a recipient of two Gold Addy Awards as well as Telly Awards for various videos.

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Grants Awarded to Melanie Silva

$25,000 - Awarded December 2021

Focus areas
Representation in Media

The 2021 film grant will support "Dear Sofia," a documentary about a 37-year-old filmmaker's journey as mother and advocate of her daughter Sofia—a five-year-old girl diagnosed with autism in 2019. After over a year of being together everyday, without much contact with other people due to the pandemic, while working full time in her career and as a mother, Melanie must now prepare her daughter, and herself, for the next chapter in Sofia's life: entering kindergarten.

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