The cinéSPEAK Journal

The cinéSPEAK Journal is an online-only publication about how film and media contribute to social movement building, with a primary focus on Philadelphia and connections to the world at large. The Journal encourages audiences to demand social justice and equity both on and off the film screen and throughout society. The Journal's editorial team is made up of an annually-nominated group of filmmakers, journalists, and community organizers, that oversees the processes of the journal and creates goals and visions for the journal.

Grants Awarded to The cinéSPEAK Journal

$35,000 - Awarded July 2020

Focus areas
Representation in Media

The 2020 Community Voices grant will support the launch of an online journal for essential discourse that connects media and media-making to historic and contemporary movements for social change. This journal will predominantly feature content guided and created by Black, Brown, Latinx and/or Indigenous artists and community organizers.

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